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Visa Application for Australia and Canada, USA Visa Lottery – September 2018/2019

Important information before you start your VISA application

Please note that there are different kinds of VISA you can apply for apart from 2018 USA VISA Lottery. The type of your application depends on the country and reason you are applying for a particular country. It is important that you do not focus only on how to apply for the 2018 USA VISA Lottery since there are only a few countries offering such services.

Below is a List of Different Types of VISA issued by most countries;

  • Study VISA
  • Visitor VISA
  • Transit VISA
  • Tourist VISA
  • Skilled worker VISA
  • Business VISA
  • Diplomat VISA
  • Pilgrimage VISA

How to Apply for U.S American Visa Lottery 2017/2018

The American VISA Lottery application is exceptional from the rest of its kind and it is an activity conducted once a year, of which only specified eligible applicants are qualified to apply. This means that if your country is not eligible to apply for American VISA Lottery 2017/2018, you cannot apply

To apply for American VISA Lottery, I recommended you to first contact the American Embassy in Country to verify if there is VISA Lottery application for your country or simply head over to the official DV-Lottery website for all the necessary information that you may need. The American VISA is known as Green card is usually being offered by the US Department of States to qualifying applicants.

How to Apply for Australian VISA 2018/2019

If you will like to explore more and travel, Australia is another choice either to work or study, the Country has an official website for intending immigrants and people willing to travel to the country. Visit this website below for all the issues concerning Australian VISA Lottery.

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How to Apply for Canadian VISA 2018/2019

Another great country for VISA applications is Canada and they provide different VISA applications to people and immigrants moving into Canada across the globe. Canada also offers work permit VISA, designed for those seeking to live and work in Canada and there is Study VISA for those intending to study in Canada. You can check here on the best way to apply for Canadian VISA Lottery 2017/2018.


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