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Germany’s Tourism Board Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Germany’s Tourism Board Accepts Bitcoin Payments

The German National Tourism Board has announced that it accepts secrets like Bitcoin for its services. This organization promotes German travel destinations with offices in 32 countries around the world. GNTB also intends to implement the blockchain technology in its financing. “We want to be the driver of global innovation in the tourism industry,” the chairman recently said.
Accept Bitcoin to promote innovation
Services provided by the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) can now be paid by cryptocurrency. According to a press release, the organization promotes Germany as a travel destination that accepts bitcoin payments from March this year. It also announced a “mid-term” plan to test the blockchain technology in dealing with international financial transactions.
In our digitization strategy, we continually test the latest technologies and review their applications in our organization, “said GNTB President Petra Hedorfer. By accepting the secret as a means of payment and with the implementation of preventive technology in our finance, we want to position ourselves as an engine of innovation in the travel industry.

Blockchain technology provides an “interesting perspective” regarding the speed, transparency and safety of remittances, the Commission noted. Notice recognizes the “potential for enormous improvements and savings” in international transactions.

Promote the Bundesrepublik
Over the past six decades, the German National Tourist Board has been working to promote international travel opportunities in the Federal Republic. It constantly develops new marketing strategies and concepts based on specific topics, events and attractions. They are made under the brand “Germany Germany” has been introduced in many markets around the globe.

GNTB said it is actively involved in efforts to optimize the marketing activities of its partners – German travel companies, trade associations and trade. It is also engaged in sales activities in emerging and developing markets to increase the number of tourists and increase foreign exchange earnings.
The council is trying to make Germany a diversified and attractive tourist destination but also consolidates its profile as a location for business. To achieve that, it offers a range of cooperation services with German businesses – from transportation and accommodation, to shopping opportunities and tourist attractions.

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The German National Tourism Board was established by the Bundestag. It represents the country on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy. GNTB is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main and maintains offices in 32 countries around the world.

Leading in adoption
The authorities in the major European economy have taken a relatively soft approach to secrets. Recently, the German Federal Ministry of Finance has announced that bitcoin should not be taxed as a replacement and used as a means of payment. The notice of clarification recognizes that the most common cipher is currency. Bafin, the German financial regulator, advised investors on the initial offering to mention regulations applicable to traditional financial instruments and compliance requirements. present.

Such decisions have facilitated the adoption of bitcoin in water. Last year Germany’s largest food portal, Lieferando.de, has announced it has begun accepting bitcoin payments, according to Bitcoin.com. The company is owned by Takeaway.com BV which operates many online delivery services throughout Europe. This month, German media reported that Lieferando’s customers could now pay for bitcoin.

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