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Eko Atlantic City:Water system modular launched

Eko Atlantic City built adjacent to Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria,  One of the world’s newest advanced cities, has announced the ongoing construction of its ultra-modern centralised 24/7 water system designed to simultaneously supply Phases 1 & 2 of the city with water.

The water system construction, according to the promoters, satisfies “stringent international standards for construction of water treatment centres”, supplied by Degrémont, Suez-environment, a reputable company known for its worldwide supply of water treatment equipment.

By the city water system, it will extract raw water from deep groundwater aquifers via a borehole providing an estimated initial daily supply of 10,000m3. The daily supply of water will continue to increase as the city grows. To add further protection to the aquifers, the borehole will be lined with stainless steel and cement grouted along its entire length to prevent contamination.

According to them, the raw water will undergo filtration to remove impurities and iron from it. The water system will also disinfect the extracted water before storing it in water reservoirs ready for consumption (WHO guidelines). The water will then be pumped to a 47m high water tower that will supply the entire water network of Phases 1 & 2. This will ensure a residual pressure in the network of 1.5 bar.

In addition to this distribution network, the developers of Eko Atlantic, as advised by infrastructure consultants, will be providing groundwater storage for a minimum of two days. This storage capacity will be independent from the required firewater reserve.

The systemic treatment technology offers the most ecological and cost-effective way to produce public water supply since groundwater is often more convenient and less vulnerable to pollution than surface water.

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Vice Chairman of South Energyx ,  Nigeria Limited,, Mr. Ronald Chagoury Jra notes that, “the EAC water system is provided according to the high standards of the World Health Organisation by ensuring relia

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