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Chaos: We Are Ready To Divide Nigeria Now says Northern Elders Forum

Spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum, a think-tank for the 19 Northern states, Prof. Ango Abdullahi has said that the north is ready if Nigeria decides to break up.

Prof. Abdullahi who is a professor of Agronomy and one-time Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University threw a challenge to those who think that the North is afraid of Nigeria’s disintegration into more basic constituents, saying the North was ever ready for the dissolution.

In an interview with Sunday Sun, Prof. Abdullahi opined that the way to go about it was through the calling of a formal meeting with complete powers to terminate the legal relationships between the constituent parts in Nigeria.

According to him, “If we…

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  1. Why u dey give us half news??? “If we….” do what complete the story haba

  2. I can’t wait for Nigeria to be devided. We all need the peace and quiet in this country. We can’t be 5percent in a country that we all own because the president says so. I want a country where all state are appreciated

  3. Ok we are waiting

  4. This government sef?Which way are we going.May God help us .

  5. Igbos are also ready, so let the dance of divide begin

  6. Okay let see how it will go

  7. Onyinyechi Awazie Meforoibe

    This story of Nigeria dividing has been going on and I pray God will take control of these issues in Nigeria coz it’s getting too much.

  8. Lol, let them divide ooo and let’s see who will suffer most!

  9. Iinteresting! Why is IPOB labelled terrorist?

  10. Confused government

  11. Nigerian and their corrupt government, OK we are waiting.

  12. Nigerian and their corrupt government,

  13. Nigerian and their corrupt government.

  14. if they are ready to divide Nigeria pls it should be through dialogue and not violence

  15. ok na. .. …….

  16. I even prefer Nigeria should divide so that all tribe will focus on their mineral resources and use it well

  17. Only God can save us in this country, peace is all I have been praying for in Nigeria, and God will definitely answer the prayer

  18. This is serious o

  19. But seriously I don’t understand this our government

  20. Christopher Michael

    God help us

  21. Christopher Michael

    Better for all of us..

  22. are dy really going to divide Nigeria?

  23. What are they still waiting for??

  24. Well I think it’s a development if they have finally agreed to divide the country.. For we the south, we want full control of our resources.

  25. I think it’s a welcome development.

  26. It’s a welcome development

  27. Only the Nigerian people can collectively make that decision.

  28. They’re not even ready for ordinary restructuring not to talk of division

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