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BOMBSHELL!!: Now Is The Time!!, What Igbo’s Must Do To Win This War – Pete Edochie Spits Fire!!

Pete Edochie says no struggle in particular can bring the Igbo people together. The veteran actor is of the opinion that only culture can unite the Igbos. He advised his kinsmen to indoctrinate their children in the Igbo language and teach them to communicate in their local dialect just like the other ethnic groups Acclaimed Nollywood actor Pete Edochie has noted that the inability of the Igbos to fight for a common cause is because they are not united.


According to reports, while speaking to newsmen at the occasion of his 70th birthday, the veteran actor, who hails from the south-east, decried the decline of culture amongst his kinsmen. Communicating in the Igbo dialect, Edochie stated: “If you take a close look at the Igbo, You will realize that they cannot fight together. Look, it’s not struggle for anything that will bring Igbo people together. “Have you noticed that only Igbo people pray before eating kola nut? Why I’m saying this is because it is only the culture of the Igbo that can unite them. “If you take a close look, you will also notice that in the whole of Nigeria, the Igbo people are the ones very mad about speaking English. “A Hausa boy will not greet his father in English.

A Yoruba person will not greet his/her father in English. “But Igbo person will say ‘good morning sir’ instead of his local greeting. It is painful that the Igbo language is receding and no one is doing anything about it.” Meanwhile reports claims that Igbo people in the north have been given three months to leave the region as the clamor for Biafra continues to gain momentum.

The Coalition of Northern Youths also urged northern people in the south-eastern part of the country to immediately start moving back to their various states. Speaking at a press conference at the Arewa House Kaduna on Tuesday, June 6, a top member of the group, Alhaji Abdulaziz Suleiman, said all northern civil society and pressure groups are mandated to mobilize for sustained and coordinated campaigns at their respective states.

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