Become a UN Paid Volunteer, Home and Abroad 2018/2019

UN Paid Volunteer are between 18 and 55 years old, and work with UN agencies on the front lines of political, developmental and humanitarian operations.

Who are UN Volunteers?
UN Paid Volunteers are a separate category of UN Paid Volunteers recently created in response to the United Nations Secretary-General’s call for greater engagement in volunteerism of history’s largest generation of people. UN Paid Volunteers help the United Nations.


UN Volunteers receive a basic living allowance that allows the volunteer to live healthily and safely in the assigned area. If you volunteer outside of your home area, return airfare or land transport (as applicable) and some other basic costs are paid by the host agency. You will receive orientation and training before and after your assignment.

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Who qualifies as a UN Paid Volunteer?
The UN Paid Volunteer programme is looking for motivated and talented youth between the ages of 16 and 55. (Note: you must be younger than 55 throughout the duration of your service). The educational background and experience required varies by assignment, but generally both graduates and non-graduates are eligible to apply.

How To Apply:

  • All UN Paid Volunteer assignments to volunteer abroad application is only online.
  • Use the Application link provided on this website to start your application free of charge.
  • Start your application online here.

365 Replies to “Become a UN Paid Volunteer, Home and Abroad 2018/2019”

  1. I am interested in any UN job that meet my qualification. I possess an MPhil. in Agricultural Economics from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana.

  2. انا مهتم جدا للعمل والحصول علي المنحة الدراسية للرفع من مستواي التعليمي لخدمة الناس في كافة انحاء العالم فهدا مايمليه عليا ديني وضميري

  3. I am interested in any UN job though I am an early childhood education development teacher and holds a certificate.

  4. I’m Enyonam Fugar and interested in the UN volunteering job. I am a qualified nurse and specialised in oncology nursing from Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa. Looking forward to to hearing from you soon
    Thank you

  5. I am interested in becoming a UN volunteer. I am a holder of Diploma in English Modern Letters from the university of Bamenda- Cameroon.

  6. I have worked experience as classroom and rose to level management and Supervision of educational service delivering in The in different educational environments.
    I have worked for the Ministry of Education in The Gambia for more than twenty years in different roles .
    Currently I am managing an international educational program within the private sector from 2010 to date.

  7. My name is ihsane El Hachami, I’m 19 years of age and very interested in becoming a UN paid volunteer…. helping people across the globe is something I have always liked and appreciated and I would be very thankful if I have this opportunity to help and put a smile on people’s faces.

  8. Am Samuel Larry okoye, am interested at the UN volunteer job, I equally have humanitarian job experience , I have worked with international premiere urgency as a food distributor to IDPS, I graduated from college were I obtained my national diploma in accountancy, am looking forward to hear from you, here is my contact 08104728715

  9. I am so interested by working for people who need help . I am on M1 at the University of sciences ansd technologies HOUARI BOUMEDIENE ( USTHB) in Algeria ; my specialty is (biotechnology and molecular pathologies ) .

    1. Bonjour, je suis très intéressé pour travailler au compte des nations unies pour apporter ma contribution aux personnes touchées par les guerres. Je tiens à vous informer que j’ai une expérience de 2 ans en Gouvernance, Cohésion sociale, Moyens de subsistance, et le Changement climatique.

    2. Bonjour, je suis très intéressé pour travailler au compte des nations unies pour apporter ma contribution aux personnes touchées par les guerres. Je tiens à vous informer que j’ai une expérience de 2 ans en Gouvernance, Cohésion sociale, Moyens de subsistance, et le Changement climatique. Je suis gestionnaire de formation

  10. Am interested in becoming a UN volunteer.Am holding a dimploma certificate in Religious of Education and Social studies

  11. I am.really interested to serve as a UNV worker, I am writing from Cameroon from the English Cameroon ready to work as a Humanitarian Safety security worker to rescue the oppressed on the ungoing Anglophone crisis.

    I am a train safety security officer from Elkins Marine Nigeria.

  12. Hi am applying for the UN volunteer program.Am a post proguadaute degree holder and have held many administrative ppsts. As of now am jobless and totally free from any engagement if am retained

  13. hey…i am a learner at Lesotho College of Education,studying Education in Primary….Due this year November i am interested in being an UN Volenteer anywhere around the globe
    looking forwad to hearing from you

  14. I’m interested, registered nurse midwife, from Zambia l v worked over 10yrs. Single with ,children. Very interested.

  15. My name is Sara Dawit.I have Bsc by pharmacy and now am working in governmental health center as junior pharmacist. am very interested in becoming a UN volunteer. I like helping people so if I get the opportunity so happy. Thank you!

  16. احب ان اعمل متطوع مع الامم المتحدة في عديد المجالات

  17. Iam a health personnel with years working experience both in health centers and community health care. iam aslo a good manager in private properties such as real estates furthermore determined to acquire more knowledge where necessary under training ,Excellent in English spoken and written and French average willing to learn more languages to help facilitate commucation

  18. I am interested in becoming a UN paid volunteer. I am a holder of an Honours Degree in Sociology and Gender Development Studies and a Counselling Certificate. My desire is see woman and children being empowered in every aspect of life.

  19. Am a Cameroonian of age 31, holding a degree in History with Minor in Political science and Public Administration.Am interested to work as a volunteer with the U.N. Thanks.

  20. I am health worker with years of experience in both curetive and prevetives services. Haven worked in hospitals, health centre. I have rececently completed physician assistantship programme.

  21. I am very much interested in d UN job. I am ready for any kind of training required. am 46years,female and currently self employed. am a Nigerian. my phone number is +23408143404909.

  22. Hello Iam a young Malagasy man. I’d like to work in your organization.if i was hired i Will give my Best because i like heling peuples in need. I want to be among your team.
    Thank you

  23. Dar Sir /madam
    I am from northern Uganda(Lira), i am so willing to work as a UN paid volunteer at any time am called upon to work in any area/country.
    I am a diploma Holder with enough experience in computer related fields from Aptech computer training school.
    As well i am a qualified Driver Willing to work at anytime.
    l am ready all time.
    Thank you for the good service you are doing
    Okwir Noel.

  24. apres 12 ans a la marine je voudrais faire quelques chose de bien pouvoir aider mon prochain si vous pouvez me permettre de realiser se reve alors je donnerai a 150 pour cent merci

  25. I do need this I’m in Rwanda and I’m sure If I get this opportunity I will do my best to accomplish my duties

  26. Hi am Marion from Kenya and I am 19years old and would like to be a UN volunteer since I think this is a great course.

  27. Je suis John Denver NZAMBI, fondateur d’une ONG au Gabon appelée les Trois Piliers qui a pour mission encourager l’engagement parental en milieu rural.
    Je suis et interressé et prêt à servir l’humanité.

  28. Je suis interessé par l’offre. De formation de secourisme et paramedical, je compte avoir les atouts pour participer a la reduction des maux Ui minnent nos sociétés.
    Actuellement, je suis secouriste de la Croix Rouge Cote D’ivoire…
    Toute fois, je reste convaincu que c’est ensemble nous gagnerons le combat du changement et nous valoriserons le pouvoir de l’humanitaire…

  29. Am interested in becoming UN volunteer. Am holding a bachelor of arts with Education am very much interested to help young to realize their vision promoting gender equality and also fight against child abuse/ violence.

  30. I am Moses, from the DR Congo.
    I am interested with thé the UN volunteer opportunity. I have humanitarian qualification from differentes trainings, theorie ans practics. I can be abble to make UN job.

  31. I am a lifelong learner and love the idea of serving people. I own a degree in Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics with 2+ years experience in Quantity Surveying and Accounting.

  32. ان نلعن الشر فهذه فضيلة عاجز لنفعل الخير و ندع الشر يلعننا
    حنا مينة

  33. I am interested in becoming a UN volunteer, I have a bachelor degree in Business Administration and I am from Namibia

  34. Dear Sir/Madam I am Jefferson Quayee, from Liberia. I am interested in becoming a UN paid volunteer in any area or country.

  35. grande sera ma joie d’être volontaire des nations unies pour un monde de paix de justice et pour le respect des droits de l’homme

  36. I am a graduate of Medical radiographer, will be happy to serve humanity through UN, thanks while awaiting your feed back.

  37. I am civil fresh graduate and I very love to join these types of NGO which work for human right . and I want to be the part of this in any country just give me one chance to join this.

  38. grande sera ma joie d’être volontaire des nations unies pour un monde de paix de justice et pour le respect des droits de l’homme

  39. I am Mathew Sambou a Gambian by nationality. I love serving people especially the less privileges in societies and always proclaimed justice to privail.
    I have the following qualifications : Higher Teacher Certificate (HTC), Diploma and Advance Diploma in Peace and Conflict study.
    Am in for any UN voluntries job. I speak French and English.

  40. I am a Bsc Human Resource Management graduate and would like to work for thr UN Volunteer program.

  41. À l’état civil, je répond au nom de Djima yessoufou. J’ai 27 ans, je suis célibataire. J’ai une licence en droit et je voudrais travailler comme volontaire pour le compte de l’ONU

  42. My name is Ibrahim Eissa. I have a bachelor’s degree in law and have more than 20 years of experience in the field of legal consultancy ,,, I would like to participate in this program

  43. I am interested for any job that matches my qualifications. I am an accountant and hold technical Teacher’s Diploma

  44. Bonjour je suis salematou Diallo je suis guinnéenne j’ai 25 ans je veux devenir volontaire es que je peut avoir une chance

  45. Hello it will be a pleasure to be part of the volunteer’s team. I am fluent in both English and French. I work as a teacher here in my country and have been doing volunteering since 3 years. Alone we may go fast but Together we will go far and make things happen.

  46. I an a Cameroonian and holder of BAC +2 in accounting and finance. with a heart full of intergrity and honesty i think working with the UN as a paid voluntiare will be a suitable thing for me . i love of human beign of all races and can suit in any environment

  47. I am a nigerian,university of nigeria fresh graduant,department of Human nutrition and dietetics,i love to help people and to impact on the world psitively.i would be grateful to be part of the UN volunteers

  48. Hi
    I am Nafis shaikh from india currently working as Branch Accountant in drc,Congo.Have worked in south africa for 3 years as well as an accountant.I am much interested to work as UN Volunteer.
    Many Thanks.

  49. I am holder of a bachelor of Business Administration, specialised in Human Resource Management. I’m interested becoming a UN paid volunteer.

  50. I am an accountant. I’d love very much to volunteer at United Nations.. to contribute my abilities, gain experience and share knowledge.

  51. I really interesting to be a UN volunteer I sure that I fill the conditions just give me a chance to be part of you

  52. I want to voulenteerily serve the UN.

    I had worked as Associate Professor in the department of English in East Africa for 2 years and 4 months.

    Dr. Kamlesh Dangwal

  53. Je suis mécanicien et j aimerais vraiment venir en aide aux personnes en difficulté en tant que membres volontaire de l onu

  54. bonsoir je suis aide-soignant généraliste résidant au Cameroun je voudrais faire parti de votre fichier de personnel

  55. Am Julia kuupiel with diploma in mass communication, public Relations .interested in un volunteers program.

  56. I’m Francis Karvah and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in sociology major and Economics manor from the university of Liberia. I worked as focal person for the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL); I am interested to becoming paid volunteer for United Nations.

  57. Bonjour Je m apel Curtis numbi Je suis animer dans ma vie par un sentiment Non lucratif Je suis prêt pour aider l humanite sans rien attendee au retour

  58. Dear,
    I’m very interested to be with you, Everywhere/everytime.
    Best regards
    Ferchichi Fayçal

  59. bonsoir je suis aide soignante stagiaire dans un centre de santé alors je suis intéressé par le bénévolat sa me feras grand plaisir d’aider mon prochain alors donnez moi plus de détails

  60. Hi I am Mohamed Abdi Kadiye I am Somali in Kenya as a refugee. I’m a university graduate faculty of Law
    I highly appreciate your support of considering me as one of your volunteer staffs

    Thanks in advance

  61. I’m a teacher of Food and Nutrition from Zambia. I have a degree in Family and Consumer Science. I would like to work as a volunteer given a chance.

  62. I am very dedicated to help the needy. So its an opportunity for me to do something for people and share my learnings to spread voluntarism.
    I love to help people in whatever field as I have good knowledge in everyfield that concerns our everyday day living.
    I am honest reliable ponctual, trust worthy, work on own initiative, self confident, probl;em solver and like to work under pressure for the benefit of everyone

  63. I am recent graduate in Procurement and Logistics Management, I am very much interested to become a volunteer in UN

  64. Am a graduate of Accounting with HND,wish to be a volunteer paid UN staff,I have fill the form up .thank you.

  65. Am from south sudan I like to join you but I don’t know whether it will be possible from you.I Am really interested

  66. Hello, I am Stanley Kasaba from Tanzania, I am a University Graduate ( Bsc in Geoinformatics ). I’m certain I could make a significant contribution as UN Volunteer.I look foward to your response, thank you.
    Mobile: +255768179156
    Nationality: Tanzanian
    Marital status: Single

  67. Mamekem siepieb fanny
    Etudiante a yaounde cameroun je suis tres interesse de travaille comme benevole a l onu cest comme une passion pour moi

  68. I am a degree holder of bachelor in public relations and marketing, I am a Tanzanian female. I would love to volunteer in your organization.

  69. I am a self employed /tender preneur 26 year old mother of 1 very much interested in becoming a UN volunteer

  70. I am very passionate about helping and transforming people. I would love to be a UN volunteer to invest and contribute my time and resources in helping others as a UN volunteer.

  71. My name is Abraham Adamie,a28 years old boy living in Ethiopia,I have been graduated by BA degree in psychology and I have 5 years professional work,I want to work as UN paid voulnter every where

  72. I am an english teacher from Tunisia.I would like to be a UN volunteer . I am a philanthropist and I would like to teach my kids how important to help the underprivileged although at the expense of your own job and family life.Today the whole world is under fire nobody is safe.So why don’t we unite together to fight these dangers natural may they be or human.Together we can build a new world full of peace and love.
    This my mission if ever accepted in The UN family.

  73. I am in somalia specially Baidoa working with UNHCR On camp coordination and camp managent of displaced people around the country so I am interested to be UN volunteer worker. Any time you can contact on this number :+252612931545.

    Your response is highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  74. l’m 45 years old i was 20 Years In Airforce im Retired since 2009.
    motivate full energise to Continues Working as volanter On UN
    I’m Available

  75. I would like to work as a UN volunteer worldwide. I am a graduate in English Language and have been working as a teacher of English for 22 years. Since childhood, it is my dream and my ambition to help, react and interact with others whatever the race , the color, the lanuage, the ethnicity and the religion

  76. Am a logistics expert and having 7 years of experience in worlds leading palm oil plantation – Sime Darby (liberia) plantation limited . I am willing to work as volunteer for Unites nations as any form ..

  77. I am a logistic officer in cargo aviation at DRC CONGO, and would like to give my services to UN as a Volunteer.

  78. Am an agricultural economist and a Nigerian, I will like to work in a UN international volunteer agency.

  79. Je suis un agent des télécommunications ayant partis volontairement après 31 ans de services. Ne veux être volontaire des Nations-Unies pour une autre expérience.

  80. I’m a scout leader and a maintenance officer in mechanical engineering, i am interested in becoming a UN volunteer

  81. Am a Zambian Citizen interested to be a Un paid a first Aider and i hold a Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Management from the University of Zambia.

  82. Am acounseling and guidance councillor by professional and am looking forwerd to working with UN as a UN paid volunteer.
    All plasure will be mine when am considered thank u so much

  83. Am acounseling and guidance councillor by professenal and looking forward to working with UN as apaid volunteer.
    All plasure will be mine if i get considered thank u so much

  84. Am a social worker from Uganda. I have a diploma and degree in development studies and a post graduate diploma in monitoring and evaluation. I would fully like to volunteer with UN

  85. Am a nurse who is vary much intersted in joining un volunteers but the link or form doesnt give me an opption off send when i fill in th form.kindly help me on how i can submit th filled in form.


  87. Je suis un malien diplômé de la fshse licence ,enseigne dans un établissement privée, je suis intéressé par ce bénévolat.

  88. Je suis intéressé par les choses humanitaires et je dispose des acquis que je veux partager avec des personnes de mon entourage afin de mieux servir les autres.ainsi je me sens utile et je désire toujours apprendre et partager pour un monde meilleur.

  89. I still find some difficulties in application process! How can I apply in the simplest way? I wish to work as UN volunteer in 2018/2019 because am available through all the time.

  90. Volontaire depuis le début de l’année,
    je prêt pour n importe quelle affection au service de l humanité .
    Numéro Roster1154523.

  91. Je suis une étudiante avec un niveau Bac +4. J’aimerais faire partir de ce programme. Je suis très doué en ce qui concerne la communication et j’aime tous ce qui est attrait a la protection.

  92. It is a great honor with distinct pleasure to work for humanity in Africa and the world at large.
    This UN Voluntarism is an opportunity to extend services beyond for the survivability of LESS FORTUNATE specifically VOLUNRABLE YOUTHS

  93. I studied Economics and I’m a Certified Enterprise manager.
    I will be interested to serve as a U.n Economist and Enterprise manager.
    I have the necessary experience needed.

  94. I studied Economics and I’m a Certified Enterprise manager.
    I will be interested to serve as a U N paid Economist and Enterprise manager.
    I have the necessary experience needed.

  95. Good morning, I am interested to serve as a midwife, I am a trained midwife and I have the skills it takes towards maternal and child health. If I am picked I will be available for an interview with my CV and other documents, thank you.

  96. Je souhaiterais devenir volontaire pour les nations Unis afin de venir en aide aux personnes dans le besoin et d’apporter ma modeste contribution au bien être commun et au développement de l’Afrique

  97. I am interested to serve as a UN Social worker. Am a trained social worker with necessary skills to promote social change, development and empowerment of all groups of people with particular attention to vulnerable people so as to enhance their wellbeing.thanks

    1. I am an Ivorian student and I would like to become a volunteer for the United Nations program lui

  98. I am a experience facilities assistant and store keeper, with British American Tobacco under FOSAD consulting. I love to volunteer in any field that I am being assigned. To render assistance tirelessly.

  99. I beg most respectfully to accept me as a volunteer paid teacher. Hope my request meet your timely considerable action.

  100. I am a graduate & i like to work as UN volunteer..Could you please send me the link of online application

  101. I am a graduate from Nepal and willing to work as a UN volunteer.
    I would be thankful to receive online application form.

  102. I am a Cameroonian, very Interested to serve as UN Paid Volunteer. By training am a Safety Security Officer both onshore & offshore(GMDSS/STCW and ISPS Code)graduated from Elkins Marine, Nigeria. I am having over 8years of working experience in field as a Safety officer , ready to serve you immediately am needed

  103. I am Cameroonian very Interested to serve UN Paid Volunteer. By training am a Safety Security Officer both onshore & offshore(GMDSS/STCW and ISPS Code)graduated from Elkins Marine, Nigeria. I am having over 8years of working experience in the field ready to serve immediately am needed

  104. I am a cameroonian very interested to serve the UN paid volunteer. I am presently second year masters student in anthropology and have a bachelor’s degree in sociology and anthropology from the unUniversity of buea.I have a passion for humanitarian actions.I’ll be more than ready to serve when needed.

  105. I am a Zambian lady aged interested to serve the UN paid volunteer,am a mentor on the USAID DREAMS PROJECT in Livingstone Zambia .I will be more than ready to serve when needed.

  106. I am a Cameroonian from the Northwest region ,I am age 43 and single.I a deploma holder in Development Studies, specialised in Project planning and management and monitoring and evaluation from the PanAfrican institute of development ,West Africa,Buea,Cameroon.And did some courses at in geography at the degree level in the university in Yaounde 1.I had volunteer as a psycosocial worker with the HIVAIDS department in the health unit in the Bamenda regional hospital and also volunteer as a management teacher at the HND level for one month and one school year in 2014 and 2016.Reference: Dr Fusi Patrick Chefu, International University Bamenda PO Box 444,Bamenda and Dr. Atem Paul, Mount Zion Clinic, Bamenda.

  107. I’m arakan Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh refugees camp so I have very interested to work un paid take care of vernarable refugees in the world and please select me as a un Volunteer paid.My name is Md Kashim

  108. I am kamana very interested to serve the UN paid volunteer. I am presently 4th year bachelor student in bsc environmental science and I have a passion for humanitarian actions.I’ll be more than ready to serve when needed.

  109. I am interested to work as UN volunteer in my profession (Professor and researcher in hydrology and Water Resouces Engineering and Management).

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