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Vacancy: Become United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Paid Intern

UNAIDS is an innovative United Nations partnership that leads and inspires the world in achieving universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. UNAIDS’ Cosponsors include UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, UN Women, ILO, UNESCO, WHO and the World Bank. Apply for the internship today.

About the Award: The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) leads and inspires the world to achieve its shared vision of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. UNAIDS unites the efforts of 11 UN organizations—UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, UN Women, ILO, UNESCO, WHO and the World Bank—and works closely with global and national partners towards ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Type: Internship

Application Deadline: 31st March 2018

Eligible Countries: All

To Be Taken At (Country): Multiple Duty Stations various


  • Candidates for internships at UNAIDS must be engaged in a course of post-secondary studies leading to a formal qualification in an approved university programme at the under-graduate or post-graduate level.
  • Applications from people living with HIV are particularly welcome. Applications from women and from nationals of non- and under-represented member states are particularly encouraged
  • Persons with immediate family members employed by the UNAIDS Secretariat are not eligible for internships

Contractual Terms and Conditions: 
Ability to work effectively in teams, adapt and integrate easily with the team, work cooperatively in support of team objectives.
– Ability to convey ideas and thoughts in a clear and convincing way in one-on-one discussions or groups presentations and ability to produce clear correspondence and written reports.
– Ability to effectively apply their knowledge and skills to the job, and to consistently learn and improve performance.
– Ability to show initiative and enthusiasm in their work, effectively organize and manage time, and deliver high-quality results in line with agreed objectives.
– Ability to innovate and find new ways of working and improving results while maintaining a strong service orientation.
– Ability to take ownership of assigned responsibilities, to be productive, fulfill commitments and use resources responsibly.

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Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: No remuneration of any kind is offered, nor are any travel or subsistence expenses covered. Interns must provide proof of adequate health insurance; UNAIDS will provide accident insurance coverage only.

Duration of Program: 6 weeks to 6 Months, it depends on the need of the Office.

Visit the Program Webpage for Details

Award Providers: UNAIDS

Important Notes: The paramount consideration in the appointment, transfer or promotion of staff is the necessity of securing the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity. The medical criterion for recruitment is fitness to work in the particular post. The United Nations HIV/AIDS Personnel Policy clearly stipulates that no staff and/or potential candidates shall be discriminated against on the basis of real or perceived HIV status. HIV infection, in itself, does not constitute lack of fitness to work. There is no obligation to disclose HIV-related personal information

How to Apply: Online applications are strongly encouraged to enable UNAIDS to store your profile in a permanent database. Please visit UNAIDS’s e-Recruitment website here. The system provides instructions for online application procedures.

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  1. cust nchimunya Mweetwa

    am a Zambian male of 26, I live in choma.,
    am positively ready to serve the global community thorough this organisation.

  2. Am student from East african institute for management science (EAIMS)
    I would be gratful if you consdered my spplication for intern with WFP for warehouse management

  3. Mukalabai Coster Moonze

    My interestso are in the areas: Social Science in the field of Sustainable Development with backgroundso in ( teaching & training , project management, lifestyle health and wellness consultancy (current position)

  4. I’m medical laboratory technician I have too much like CD4 chemistry pulity management nationality Ethiopian I live naw ceteral African bunjiu

  5. I am Nashel chanda aged 21 old I would like to serve the world through this organisation.

    • M a Zambia female aged 26 a registered nurse n would love to help serve my community through this global organization

  6. je suis du Niger ET De l humanitaire.aider est MA passion

  7. Am Persuing a bachelor’s degree at kyambogo
    And I would ike to put my theories into practice
    So if granted opportunity I will work hard to change people’s lives

  8. Hi positively interested to serve globally.

  9. Hello am Harima from Uganda I would like to work with USAID, I have a bachelor’s degree in guidance and counselling

  10. Am a Zambian girl aged twenty eight willing to work hard if given an opportunity.

  11. Am very much interested working with you if you consider me ill be very much greatful.

  12. Am Mary willing to work with ur organization, n also once worked with NGO i wll appreciate if considered

  13. Am a female Ugandan aged 37 yrs,married and a motherAm a teacher by professional. I have a certificate and a diploma in education.Am ready to serve the globe as an UNAIDS.Thanks

  14. I would to serve lives through encouraging my fellow people who are prostive to live a healthy life and i believe if you are not infected than you are affected,l

  15. Jérémie Ntirandekura

    I’m a Burundian ready to finish bachelor in Business Administration (operations management) in December 2018. I would to help my community if you allow me to do it as I am studying at University meanwhile helping in secondary school as a volunteer English-Kiswahili teacher. And I’m doing this from 2015. But it will be better if I do it in collaboration with you. I can help also as you may want me to do it. I’m interested in helping my community.

  16. Am ochieng Samuel from Kenya well willing positively to change the lives of people around the world through working with your organization. Hold a bachelor degree in social work and social administration.
    Thanks may the Lord bless u all.

  17. Am Gordon Muga.. Doing community Health and HiV management.. I will be happy to help our community and achie

  18. Im Allan Njuguna from Kenya im really interest working with you guys. I have certificate in HIV management and Health record also experience in HIV. i was born positive.

  19. TEZIA FOKA Sorel Xavier

    I will ne very glas to ne part of this programme.

  20. My name is mohamed Jim,aale, I m somalia I live in Mogadishu city of somalia. I.m very interest to join internship of UNAIDS. I m so respect to my people or give considerable

  21. I’m diploma medical laboratory technician I have chemistry CD4 pulity management nationality Ethiopian naw I live in Central Africa Banjul I went this work have exspirince 6 year

  22. Sorkaa Nguemo Emmanuella

    Sorkaa Nguemo Emmanuella from Nigeria read mass communication and after my service year in 2015 work with UNHCR in collaboration with NHRC as an IDP monitor in Gombe State Nigeria from 2015 to 2017 and it was awesome rendering humanitarian services to the community.

  23. Am currently studying agriculture science in my fourth year now and I would like to serve the community in this area if given an opportunity

  24. I am Dr Ezekwe Victoria, from Nigeria. I am interested in working with ur organization.

  25. Interneted and want to do it if u let me do it b/c i m Doctor and I know how HIV/AIDS affects human being in general so I want to make my contributions

  26. joseph Manyok DENG

    I am interesting

  27. I would love to help educate people about HIV/AIDS

  28. Réfugié ivoirien au Libéria,disponible à m’y investi, je me propose dans toutes les disciplines confondus selon mon domaine de formation : enseignant de maths depuis la c.i ( 2005-2010) , actuellement, agent de santé communautaire à l’ONG AHA / Libéria. Cordialement !

  29. i am somali person and i hpe good laki

  30. I’m interested .I’m a Kenyan with Diploma in community health and HIV /AIDS Management. I also hold a certificate in HIV testing and counseling services.

  31. I’m a hard working person offered the opportunity to work with you will work deligentily to meet your organisation goals

  32. I would be glad to work with you .I have bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science and I would appreciate if my request is granted

  33. Am positively ready to save the final I am a Zambian citizen aged 25, having a diploma in secondary education and certificate in psychosocial counseling and HIV testing.
    Hoping to recieve a positive results from you.
    Thank you for your consideration in advance

  34. Abdourhamane Mahamadou Diallo

    Perturbé par la guerre des djihadistes et tous jours sous des menaces terroristes dans mon pays le Mali on peine a avoir un emploi stable. Je fait un cour emploi de 9 moi a la mission onusienne du mali en tant que chargé à l’approvisionnement et actuellement je suis dans le besoin.

  35. Je suis camara Laye de la Guinée Conakry diplômé en sociologie des organisations. Actuellement j’enseigne les cours d’éducation civique et morale dans trois écoles de la capitale. Je voudrais vraiment bénéficier DZ cette offre car c’est une passion pour moi d’aider l’humanité à affronter les faits sociaux qui ne sont pas une fatalité. Voici mon adresse : cralayeselect21@gmail.com. Je compte sur votre bonne compréhension . Merci

  36. Sir,I am Samuel p.karnkeh from Liberia n interested in working in your organization if given me the opportunity I will do the best of my ability. Contact me on the below numbers and email address: 0776104155/0886855483/samuelkarnkeh@gmail.com

  37. Im Njuguna mbugua age 26 from Kenya. I was born positive and live a normal life.Also i hold a certificate in HIV management and Health Record. I really hope & love to work with you.Thank you and God bless for work you’re doing of saving many life’s.

    • Im Njuguna mbugua age 26 from Kenya. I was born positive and live a normal life.Also i hold a certificate in HIV management and Health Record. I really hope & love to work with you.Thank you and God bless for work you’re doing of saving many life’s.

  38. I interst this

  39. My name is patience Patrick odiobara from Nigeria age 26 , I have B.sc Accounting, diploma in Data processing, I have worked with some Organization such as health communication capacity in collaborative (Hc3 ),I will be happy to receive a possitve respons on this application, it will add to my experience in research and survey work thanks my regards.

  40. So impressed by this internship program’s opportunity, my name is Ngor Ngor Matem from South Sudan and holder of Master’s degree from Ethiopian Civil Service University. Kindly, consider me in this internship.

  41. My name is Abubakar mohammed yusuf, I am a Nigerian, I have diploma in public administration, I have worked with some Organization such as world health organisation (who) as a Data collection consultat, I will be glad to receive a possitve respons, so as to add to my experience as a Data collection consultat.

  42. My name is patience Patrick odiobara from Nigeria age 26, I have B.sc Accounting, diploma in Data processing, I have worked with some Organization such as health communication capacity collaboration with (Hc3 ) as a Data collector/consultant,i will be happy to receive a possitve respons on this application, it will add to my experience in research and survey work as data collector/consultant, my regards.

  43. I’m currently studying Chemical and Biological Sciences at The University of Zambia. I’m interestee plz

  44. Kangne mewabo Cyrille olivia

    Je suis camerounaise étudiante doctorante en médecine en république démocratique du congo promouvoir le bien être des autres est l’un de mes plus grand objectif

  45. je su9645798is Etudiant en chomage

    • je suis Etudiant detenteur licence gestion de projet plus licence en geographe de l universite de niamey je suis touareg cette offre ma plu beaucoup pour aider mes freres touareg qui vivent dans les zone nomades Je suis au 96457698

  46. Bonjour je suis Jerry Delmas Lundi de la République Centrafricaine titulaire d’un diplôme en électrotechnique et présentement laborantin biologiste. Je souhaiterais vraiment beneficier de cette offre afin de pouvoir apporter de l’aide a l’humanité. Je compte sur votre bonne comprehension. Voici mon

  47. steward simbuliani

    I’m a Zambian interested in UNAIDS internship job.I’m a diploma hold in public health and counselling and currently doing my Bachelor’s degree in HIV SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT and in my fourth year completing this year.your consideration will be highly appreciated

  48. Ngong Simon Wulsamoh

    I am interested in the UN job.I am Ngong Simon WULSAMOH,a Cameroonian, holder of a master degree, in African Literature and I wish to work in the community.

  49. Am interested.

  50. Matlhogonolo Mokgothu

    My name is Matlhogonolo Mokgothu and i am a young woman of 28 years of age from Botswana. i have Bachelor Business (Hons) Tourism Management. I am currecntly a secretary of a NGO called Caring Brothers and Sisters which helps the helpless i.e. orphans, destitutes, people living with disabilities and the elderly people from our community. I will be happy to receive positive response from your organization.

  51. KENFOU Béatrice

    I’m Béatrice Kenfou from Cameroon,fluently bilingual (French and English), i’m a degree holder in Medical Laboratory Sciences. I have two years of work experience.i have been working in our local hospitals and laboratories.I will be greatfull to receive a positive response from your world wide organization


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