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APPLY NOW- United Nations UN Set To Send 400,000 African Youths To Europe For Training

African Union AU and the United Nations UN have launched an innovation programme during the 72nd general assembly that they think will curb youth unemployment in Africa.

The programme will train young people in creative skills and innovations and is also expected to benefit 400,000 youth.
Ms Rosa Malango, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) representative, said the proposed programme scale up model, will aim to connect youth across Africa to their role models, peers, resources, skills, economic opportunities and build on already ongoing innovations in the continent.

“Our hope is that ideas such as these will give youth space to create novel innovations that will enable them to contribute to reducing the youth unemployment challenge in the continent today,” Ms Malango said at the launch of the programme in New York.

“We strongly believe in the power of learning and peer networking. We shall, therefore, ensure that the programme enriches the youth with a lot of information,” Mr Bigirimana said.
He also revealed that the training will be ongoing process which will be in batches and urge all African Youths to make use of the opportunity wisely.


Must be from any country in Africa
Must be aged 18-55 year.
Must be free to travel to Germany next month

NOTE: Application is free of charge and all travelling expenses will be sponsored by the company.

No multiple application is required.
All application must be online on this platform.
Start Application online using the Application Link provided here.

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  1. Numbokntcheu Ngandeu

    Je suis un jeune camerounais ayant une formation en psychologie et de très bonnes expériences en tant que enseignant,père éducateur et commercial.

  2. Je m’appelle Oumar Sy Savané et je suis un élève du lycée terminal science mathématiques et je dois faire le BAC cette année.
    Je réside en Guinée Conakry plus précisément à N’Zérékoré

  3. I am from somalia i need the link to apply please

  4. Stephastone rotich

    I want to apply but I can’t get that link how do i it

  5. I’m Ham Leonce Thomas from Tanzania,I would like to apply for that programme youth African training to Germany.

  6. Maliny manytai niep

    Am maliny manytai niep iam southsudanese i need a link to apply for this scholarship thank in advance

  7. We can’t find the link

  8. Hi my name is mariama Jalloh from guinne Conakry I really want to be one of the lucky winner I will be very happy. I’m 20year old I really need this portal please

  9. Am Florence from uganda 26yrs and i really want to grab this opportunity but I cant find the application link.

  10. Hi my name is dorsaf i’m 46 years old i’m from tunisia ( north Africa) i really want to grab this opportunity

  11. Ballah S. Serville

    It’s a pleasure to form part of this great opportunity.. Can you please provide the application link? My contact #: +231886474975 / +231770653701

  12. the link u talked about, where is it?

  13. Am so please and joyful with and opportunity you echoed. I would like to be a member send me a link my email(mutassimisaac@gmail.co)

  14. Great oppotunity please send the link

  15. Great oppotunity please send the link

  16. Je suis interesse

  17. I am Emmanuel from Ghana, will be very grateful if you can send me the link,thank you.

  18. The link please, Thank you.

  19. Am interested in working with UN because I have been helping people in different districts of Uganda who are less privileged, orphans, disabled, and giving health talkspeople who are suffering with HIV/Aids and so many other people of that nature am therefore interested in working with you and ready to serve the world.

  20. Äm from Nigerai,iwant to apply but can’t fįnd the portal

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